Network for Teaching Young Entrepreneurs
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“The greatest thing I achieved on this programme was working on my weakness – giving people a chance as I did not often listen to them.  I also learnt more about myself”.

Network for Teaching Young Entrepreneurs (NTYE)  is a Community Interest Company limited by Guarantee incorporated on 5th July 2011.

Our Mission is to provide dynamic interactive training to inspire young minds to reach their potential and raise aspirations.

NTYE was founded by five like- minded business / education professionals who passionately believe that every young person should have opportunities to create a successful life regardless of their social and economic background or academic abilities.

The NTYE Management Team has between them over 100 years of experience working with young people and running successful businesses.

NTYE provides educational workshops, training courses and resource materials.

NTYE’s key focus is to work with and develop young people from disadvantaged and challenging backgrounds.

Our products and services are target to schools, educational establishments and young people who are interested in developing themselves or others.

                Usha Kong – Managing Director
                Steve Alcock - Chairman
                Stephen Brenninkmeijer - Trustee
                Tracey Scarsbrook -Trustee
                Marcel van Miert – Trustee

“I developed how to compromise with people and how to voice out opinions and ideas.

“I would recommend this to student of my age and reaching college because I truly think that this is an eye opener to the real business world”.


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