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Saturday School coming to Waltham Forest.....

NTYE are planning their next Saturday School in the Borough of Waltham Forest.  This event is due to take place from 28th April to 26th May 2012 (5 consecutive Saturdays)and will involve Year 10 students from 2 neighbouring schools.

Students from Sir George Monoux 6th Form College Mentor will take on the role of Student Mentors.

If you are a Year 10 student from this Borough or a Teacher/Parent interested in finding out more please Contact Us

NTYE's Annual Young
Entrepreneurs Competition.....

NTYE are holding their first Annual Young Entrepreneurs Event on Friday 13th July 2012 in the heart of the City of London.

"I enjoyed the concept of networking the most - it has enhanced my social skills as well as my presentation skills”

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“I enjoyed the pressure that was given to us all throughout the event. I also enjoyed the whole idea of trying to develop a business idea and finally, I enjoyed all the games we played, such as the egg game”