Network for Teaching Young Entrepreneurs
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Our programmes are dynamic and engaging and provide young people with a real taste of the “business world”.  Students are expected to take on the mindset of young professional people in business and they are challenged each day by business demands, leadership issues and taking ownership and responsibility for their actions.  

Our programmes require our young people to take accountability and responsibility for themselves and their successes.

Our key Programme is our 5 Day Young Entrepreneurs Programme .

We are in the process of developing two further programmes:

Ø Fast Track Young Leaders

Ø Management & Personal Development
“I learnt more on how to work in a business environment and I enjoyed meeting new people. I got a real feel of what it takes to work successfully in industry”
“I enjoyed the master classes as they were very informative and taught me things I can use outside the programme. I also enjoyed the more physical activities like the balloon animal, egg challenge and shipwreck ones”

Programmes can be delivered:

School Term (usually at the beginning of the school year)

Holiday School (usually Easter and Summer)

During the Work Experience period (schools like the option of giving the students the opportunity of receiving all of the stated requirements through an interactive dynamic training programme)

Saturday School

Anytime of the year for those students currently not in mainstream education.

Our programmes are aimed at raising educational attainment and job prospects for disadvantaged young people from challenging backgrounds and environments.

All of our programmes are designed to facilitate a “business networking” session where local businesses and corporate organisations attend to network with young people on their final day.  Networking is a powerful method of connecting and influencing people and provides the young people with the opportunity to develop these crucial skills that are necessary to create business success.

Our Programmes are delivered to young people aged between 13 and 19yrs old.  


Our Programmes

“I think I developed my skills to communicate and work in a team better. This experience showed me that even when things get tough, you should not give up”
Programme Outcomes

Our Programmes provide flexibility in its delivery model and is matched to the client’s specific requirements.